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Just wanted to keep everyone abreast of what the motivated Marines of 4th Marine Corps District, New Cumberland PA are doing. Why am I posting this here? Because you are looking at the future Cross Fit Games '09 competitors who will not only take home the gold next year but fight for a good cause as well. Under the Team Esprit De Corps name and concept of course. Well, me and Sgt O haven't exactly told the other two Jarheads shown in the picture below that they have been recruited yet. 

Anyways, last week a young "stallion" by the name of Sgt Orellana introduced us to a kick ass workout that is quickly becoming a tradition here at the District. It's called "Fight For Freedom Friday"!

This is where we either create our own ass kicking workout or pick through some of the tougher workouts that are posted on the Camp Pendleton CFT site.

This week for the "FFFF" we took on "7-Up Yours" which consisted of the following:

Seven Rounds For time of:

7 Pull-ups

7 Thrusters with 35lb barbell

7 Burpees

7 Dips

7 Sit-ups

7 Push-ups

49 Single reps of Jump Rope

This week it was Captain Jeremy Best who took home the gold and glory with an impressive finish time of 18:10!

The picture below is of our awards ceremony for Captain Best today. Right below the picture is a copy of the award that was presented to him today. 

The Marines shown in the picture below are the only ones dedicated to building their bodies the CFT way. All others are SCARED!


Semper Fidelis,

Gunny "Mad Dog" Miranda

Team Esprit De Corps

 From left to Right these "Cross Fit Hardened Warriors" are:

Sgt David Adames, Captain Jeremy Best,

GySgt Dennis Miranda, and Sgt Oscar Orellana

Fight For Freedom Friday

Fastest Time Award!

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